First Look: Street Feud Opens on East Colfax | Westword – Westword

First Look: Street Feud Opens on East Colfax | Westword – Westword

What: Street Feud

Where: 5410 East Colfax Avenue

When: Open 11:20 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 11:20 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 11:20 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

For more information: Follow the restaurant on Instagram @street_feud.

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Owner Merlin Verrier collected boomboxes from thrift stores and garage sales over three years.

Molly Martin

What we saw: Street Feud is a concept that’s been taking shape for years — first as a stall at Avanti, where it debuted in August 2019. In February 2020, owner Merlin Verrier thought he’d found a space for the concept on South Broadway, but the pandemic put a halt to that plan, and Verrier ended up moving into venue/bar Number Thirty Eight in October 2020. “They had built everything out,” he says. “All I had to do was get a team and food, and I put like $2,500 in the bank, hoping it would work, and it got us through a year of it. It gave us a chance to refine our recipes and get better at our systems.”

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The little details in the restaurant design add up to a big impact. Instead of a number, guests choose a cassette tape after ordering. The wall by the entry is a display case of old-school boomboxes that Verrier collected secondhand over three years. There are pens on the counter where guests are encouraged to leave their own mark on the place. The dining room is covered with layers of old magazines, posters and random found objects. Even the hats and T-shirts that are for sale are thrifted finds marked with the Street Feud logo, which means each is unique — an approach that was a hit with staff and keeps more textiles out of the landfill, Verrier explains. As a result, the restaurant feels like it’s been in this space for much longer than just a few weeks.

Verrier’s ultimate goal is to expand to more locations in the Denver area and beyond. “Denver’s a great launching spot,” he says. “I feel like it’s one of those rare places in America that if you can do well in this region, then you have a chance for expansion…. Excited to have the opportunity to give it a go.”

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The chicken satay noodle bowl is loaded with veggies.

Molly Martin

What surprised us: The variety of flavors, textures and options. With Verrier’s fine-dining background, his attention to quality and detail shouldn’t be surprising. But “street food” seems to be as buzzy right now as “hot chicken,” and often the flavors don’t hit as hard as a menu description may lead you to believe.

Here they hit harder. Street Feud’s approach is to be mindful of what the team is making from scratch. The bao buns, for example, are bought ready-to-use because Verrier can …….


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